"I came to mindfulness meditation because I was held hostage by anger and although I said that I wanted to let go of it, I couldn't do so. My desire to be anger-free provoked additional ire that ran deep. The loop of aggression went round and round. A good man encouraged me to meditate, and after a time I began to practice. The impact was and is profound. Perhaps I am no different but my familiarity with the patterns loosens the binds. "

Anne is a cradle Episcopalian who studied and practiced in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition for over 20 years. She is a life long yoga practitioner looking deeply into how we can expand fully into our own embodiment through awareness practice.  Anne is committed to help every body to examine and embrace their experience as human beings. She works with diverse populations such as recovery communities, entrepreneurs, the elderly, teaching meditation, contemplation, yoga and body awareness to open the creativity of our minds, bodies and lives.

Anne is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor, a thoroughly trained meditation teacher, a labyrinth facilitator and committed practitioner.  She has trained in many contemplative practices including mindfulness meditation, somatics, centering prayer, silent journalling, drawing, calligraphy, deep listening and environmental awareness.

For more information: info@annemarkhambailey.com