I want to write a bio. I need to write a bio. I can write a bio. I want to write a bio that is clear and concise. I want to write a bio that gets to the heart of my life. I want to write more than a list of accomplishments and credentials. So I wrote this:

Artist Statement: The possibility of profound and authentic communication is my motivation and aspiration. My experience of our shared being is informed by all forms.

I want to explain that statement with examples, so I wrote this:

One day I hold a baby. On a hot afternoon, a swimming pool holds me. I walked through a field of nettles that woke up my thighs. When the wind shifted around Janice’s house, I smelled chicken shit in the fields. I lifted the frame of a good size turtle off the hot road as the strong legs and feet pushed against my wrists. I glance to the left and see the bended dandelion, the squat lift of the wild plantain.

Or I think about the stories that arise.

I want to hear the stories of everything. Once I went into a factory that made staples in a maquila. The strands of aluminum stretched thin and glistening, reaching from the spools and into the machines.

I want my bio to include my ambition for world peace, for creative and supportive society.  Might I say that I love to write stories and poems and articles and books? I love to sing songs.  I like to draw and to dance and to lie in the grass and look at the clouds.